The new Chevrolet Prisma 2017 is lets see on video

After knowing him through the photo gallery official, the time has come to look at the new Chevrolet Prisma 2017 in motion. The sedan of General Motors debuts a new face and improvements in the equipment.

Hace a few days he made his debut in Brazil renewal of half of life of the Chevrolet Prisma. The sedan hits the market with exterior improvements and in the equipment, in addition to some updates in mechanical terms.

new Prism 2017 are recognized by the incorporation of a new face that adopts the physiognomy that gives life to the more recent models of Chevrolet. Premiered optical groups, now with daytime running lights for LEDs, bumpers, and even a new hood, getting a set that gives you a greatest personality.

Under the hood is placed the same engines of 1.0 litre and 1.4 litres, although it is now combined with a new manual transmission with six gears. Thanks to a reduction in the weight of the car, new tires and some other improvements, allowed us to improve the fuel consumption.

After the first photos and official information, now GM issued a the first promotional video that allows us to know the new Chevrolet Prism in motion.