The new Citroën Aircross 2016 filtering of whole-body [Updated]

After a first piece of official image shown a few days ago and a second advance is published today, finally, the Citroën Aircross 2016 ended up leaking on the Internet in its entirety without any type of camouflage.

citroen-aircross-2016Hace a few trips met part of your front, thanks to a first image released by Citroën in Brazil through their channels in social networks. But have not passed many days, until the model was filtering full-body through the Internet.

this Is the new Citroën Aircross 2016, which is well ahead of its official debut that will take place before the end of the year. The image shows the vehicle in its entirety, letting us know all the changes that will fundamentally on its front. The photo filtered arrives almost at the same time that Citroën went forth a second cash advance, which allows us to know a little more in detail to the new aesthetics based on the C4 Cactus.

Citroën Aircross 2016 (Filtración)appreciate headlights-daytime running LED – separated from the optical group main located a little above. The headlights are completed with some fog lights in the lower part of the bumper, while a chrome grille with the emblem of the double cthevrón complete the set.

What happens in the posterior sector is still a mystery, but ensure that there will be some changes very mild in the headlights and the bumper. In addition there will be a variant without the spare wheel outside.

In the interior are expected to a new system of information and entertainment and some improvements in finishes and materials, while it would not ,modifications to the mechanistic level.

[Update]: apparently after the leak, Citroën has decided to release the first official image that allows us to see the Aircross 2016 in its entirety.

Citroën Aircross 2016 (Teaser)