The new customers of Tesla will not be able to use free supercargadores from 2017

Tesla Supercargadores llenoOne of the major advantages of buying a Tesla up to now was the possibility of freely using their network supercargadores. While in Spain, the network is ridiculous, in the united States and other countries, this advantage was more than considerable. But it seems that this will change, and that from 2017 the use of the supercargadores will no longer be free for new customers. As already happened with the buyers of the Tesla Model 3, the new users will have to pay for the use.

The reason that has given the american manufacturer is that this will “to reinvest in the network, accelerate their growth and to lead all owners, current and future, and experience the best of reloading”. At the end of the year will give you all the details, but make sure that the current owners will be able to continue using the service as up to now. The customers that ask for his Tesla until January 1, 2017 and to be delivered before 1 April 2017, will also be entered into the sac.

Tesla enchufenew customers that fall outside of the free usage they will have some options. Tesla proposes a kind of ‘recharge credit’ free of 400 kWh, with which we could travel about 1,600 km (1,000 miles). After consuming that amount there would be a small fee for further recharging. Although not yet decided the prices, but there may be variations between some regions and others.

In any case, they claim that do not want to convert the network into a business because he has never been so. Currently Tesla has 715 supercargadores and around 4,500 single loaders. This news comes after the firm has had a third quarter with good results, obtaining benefits for the second time since his departure to bag. Have to wait to see if this limitation of the use of the supercargadores is a good decision or not.

Source – Tesla

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