The new Dodge Challenger GT 2017 all-wheel-drive filtering by the EPA


Dodge Challenger 2017.

The new Dodge Challenger GT has been leaked thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency of the united States, having to publish the data relating to the fuel consumption of the new version, which will premiere the all-wheel drive in the range Challenger 2017.

The new Challenger GT 2017 is the variant of four-wheel-drive that we were waiting for since a few months ago and that is one of the developments to 2017 of the line Challenger 2017. This version will be the engine of 6-cylinder and 3.6-liter, and will be associated with the 8-speed automatic transmission.

Your fuel consumption figures are slightly higher than those of the Challenger rear-wheel-drive equipped with the same mechanics. If the version of rear-wheel drive approvals 10.2 litres/100 km of average consumption, the Challenger GT raises that figure up to the 11.2 litres/100 km. Due precisely to its all-wheel drive.


The range 2017 Challenger will be the first to have AWD version.

For the moment, neither the brand nor the Group FCA have confirmed the arrival of this version, which takes concocting lies from a few months ago but is expected to hit the market sometime in 2017.

This version was advanced in part by the prototype Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept that the mark was presented in the last edition of the SEMA Show in LAs Vegas, a concept that also anticipated the future release Challenger Hellcat body widened, whose prototypes we were able to see just a few weeks.

Both versions could be presented before the end of the year, the appointments of the SEMA Show 2016 and the hall of Los Angeles in 2016 would be the quotes most likely, or at the beginning of 2017, in the Halls of Detroit, held in January, or the New York, appointment of spring.

In the first place would get the Challenger GT, which as we have seen, has already made his full approval with the denomination 2017, and later the spectacular Hellcat Wideboy, which we expect to receive the name Challenger ADR.