The new engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost in the Ford F-150 comes with more power than expected

Ford F-150 V6 EcoBoosta couple of months Ago it came to our ears that pick-up ever sold in the united States would receive some news. The Ford F-150 2017 was updated and incorporated an all-new engine. This is a new V6 EcoBoost 3.5-liter that improved respect to the previous one. Now we can finally meet your specifications, and surprisingly it is mechanical it will arrive with more power of what was expected.

The new 3.5 V6 EcoBoost will develop nothing less than 380 HP and 637 Nm of torque. This is an increase of 10 HP and 67 Nm with respect to the previous generation. As you can see, the biturbo engine delivers more power of what is believed initially. The mark of the oval with special emphasis on the high torque, since it outperforms all its competitors, even those that carried V8 engines larger.

El Ford F-150 2017, con nuevo motor 3.5 V6 EcoBoost y cambio automático de 10 velocidadesThe V6 engine EcoBoost 3.5-liter also came with new features such as the injection system dual that with two injectors per cylinder, combines direct injection and indirect. Also both turbos improve your response thanks to a turbine that is lighter and incorporate flush valves electronic control. Adds the system Start&Stop series, that will not work with the awd or while towing.

The Ford F-150 may be chosen with this mechanical from this same autumn in the countries that market it. May be accompanied by the new automatic transmission 10-speed, more efficient and advanced than the previous six relationships. Although still we do not know their consumption approved, thanks to the new engine and gearbox should be reduced enough with respect to the previous model.

Source – Ford