The new era of Alfa Romeo will also be a model in the segment E that will shake the German trio

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Precio EspañaAlfa Romeo are immersed in a new era. The arrival of Giulia has changed the image of the company dramatically, meeting with a renewal of the philosophy of the company that has always had that label of sportiness and elegance but that she had lost something of charisma in recent years. The new models will continue to occur, as we meet in a few years with a major rival for the German trio of segment And. A saloon larger than the Giulia, which will continue with the rejuvenation of the Italian brand.

To prepare the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class, because in the kitchens of Alfa Romeo are cooking a dish is very, but very special. If you have been impressed by the new Alfa Romeo Giulia what is coming from the company, with headquarters in Turin, I will stop trembling. There are still a few years to be able to see the sedan segment And they are preparing for Alfa Romeo, surely will arrive in 2018, although seeing what they have been able to do with Giulia, promises and much.

Alfa Romeo GiuliaFor now, we can tell you that this new model with “blood Alfa Romeo” you will share several elements with which it will be his brother, the Giulia. The aesthetics will also look for good sportsmanship with edges well marked, and an in-depth look and aggressive without leaving aside the elegance, of course. Under the hood there will be several mechanical options, and that is the segment of the sedans socks have great alternatives that have a list of more engines than broad. You will find the diesel and petrol engines the Giulia as well as versions equipped with a diesel engine of six cylinders to cope with the tough competition.

Before you see the new sedan Alfa Romeo will have to make room for the SUV is coming from the Italian company, the Stelvio. The next todocamino of the brand is also expected to win, and that is is without a doubt is one of the major segments of the market. Returning to the saloon of which I spoke, surely we will enjoy a version QV starring the same engine that the Giulia QV while being able to receive an increase in power. And that’s the horse that offers the Giulia QV are not negligible…

Source – Carscoops