The new Ferrari Dino and wheel in Germany


While wearing the body of the 458 Italia, Ferrari next V6 is already making dailies by German territory


Ferrari Dino (Prototipo) S erg Marchionne has confirmed the arrival of a new supercar with V6 biturbo and these spy photos show that one of the first prototypes already conducting development testing on public streets.

There will be a new Dino equipped with twin-turbo V6.

As shown, the prototype uses the body 458 Italia , although suitably adapted with a side air intakes, to stop breathing to boost your system.

who took photographs warned the sound of its engine had little to do with the naturally aspirated V8 that uses the 458 Italia, as neither can the V8 biturbo of 488 GTB, of which it could be inferred that the new 6-cylinder unit with twin-turbo V , that Dino will play the next generation.

However, those who believe that the new Dino will be accessible sports brand with which dazzled few decades ago, think again. The Ferrari Dino is instead a product that will collect the legacy of the original Dino, but with a sale price that will place in the territory of California T , although of course with a different conception as have located in the engine rear center position.

It is believed that the twin-turbo V6 might develop a power around 500 horsepower , which would be enough to exceed 300 kilometers per hour speed limit. Nothing is known about which will be the transmission that will be associated with the V6, but Automatic with double clutch might be the option chosen.

The last time Ferrari used a V6 in one of its street models, it was in the Dino 246 GT produced until 1974. The same engine of 2.4 liters was later used in the Fiat Dino and Lancia Stratos .

Ferrari Dino (Prototipo)



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