The new Ferrari F12 M 2017 hunted with camouflage in the video


despite the camouflage, we can see the changes to the front and the hood.

first prototypes of the successor to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has been spotted in the vicinity of the factory of the brand in Maranello, carrying out what appear to be burn-in testing on the open road. One of the last stages of its development, prior to their presentation in the next edition 2017 of the Lounge of Geneva.

The camouflage that showed both prototypes was extensive, however, allowed to appreciate the changes that we will see in the F12 2017 will be more of a face wash that we should see in a completely new model of the Italian brand.

The F12 was born in Geneva in 2012 as the natural successor to the 599 GTB Fiorano, respecting the architecture V12 engine atmospheric front riding the Gran Turismo of the brand since the arrival of the 456 GT in 1992, and was forwarded to the 550 Maranello when this happened in 1996 at the saga Testarossa / 512 TR / F512 M


The optical rear will also get some makeup.

it Is expected that this new version is a small jump technological and mechanical with respect to the current model. Although some suggested recently that Ferrari could implement some kind of electrical system the successor to the F12, similar to the one used by the LaFerrari, so it seems, this will not happen until at least the end of this decade. So that we will not see a GT hybrid from the brand at least until the arrival of the successor of the saga F12, around 2020.

from what we can see in the video, the changes will focus on the morro, where we find a new reading of the front, as well as in the behind. optical groups, both rear as front seem to also differ with respect to the F12 Berlinetta.

as with the GTC4Lusso, the recent successor to the FF, the new F12 2017 will be a technical and aesthetic evolution. Its more than possible name would be F12 M (M rifleshare one) and would implement improvements to the section mechanic that would raise its power until close to the 780 HP that has the F12 tdf, the most explosive of the model and was launched in the format of a limited edition.


Hunted to the entrance of the factory Italian.

Technologically, you could adopt the active steering rear that mounts the F12 tdf, and improvements in the (e -, such as the screen of the co present in the GTC4Lusso and showing various parameters of the board instruments.

As is usual in the brand of Maranello, after his presentation
its commercial launch would be a few months later, so that
the first units would be delivered during 2017.