The new Fiat Mobi already has nothing to hide

The Fiat Mobi was again photographed without camouflage. The launch of the new city of Fiat, will take place in Brazil in a few weeks more, coming to the market in versions Easy ,Drive, Like and Way.

Fiat Mobi as the launch of the new Fiat Mobi approaching, more details and pictures begin to emerge through the media. If yesterday you were showing a picture spy that allowed us to get to know your profile without any type of camouflage, today the bring two new images that allow us to appreciate their view of the front and rear, in this case of the version with style crossover called Mobi Way.

Sri shares many visual elements with the current One and Panda, the Fiat Mobi available an outward appearance unprecedented for Latin America, which will feature the new design language of Fiat, which makes no reference to other models of the brand in the region.

In the images that accompany this article can be seen variant with style crossover, which carries the denomination Way, which is recognized for its bars on the roof and some parts of the body molding plastic, in addition to a few bumpers of specific format for this version. Behind is seen a tailgate made of glass, in the style of the Volkswagen Up!.

in Addition to version Way, the Mobi will be offered in the finishes Easy Drive and Like. The offer initial mechanical contemplates the old engine Fire Evo 1.0 liter displacement, with a power close to the 75 HP, although later we will follow a three-cylinder turbo is about 100 HP. Are not referred to diesel engines.

Fiat Mobi