The new Fiat Mobi caught without camouflage

The Fiat Mobi was caught without any camouflage while recording a tv commercial. Its launch will take place in a few weeks and it is hoped that your price of entry in Brazil is set at around $ 8,000.

Fiat-Mobi l same time that is approaching its date of filing, the new Fiat Mobi lost every day but the camouflage. After the first spy photos depicting him covered with camouflage, now the brazilian press already published a first picture where can vérselo full body.

apparently the model has been photographed by a fan while conducting the recording of a tv commercial in the public road, since its launch in Brazil will take place 18th April. The photograph published by the site brazilian noticiasautomotivas displays its version equipped, but there will be versions much easier.

Fiat Mobi will be the name of the new city of FCA for South america

The new Fiat Mobi will come to the market to be below the Fiat Uno, as the option more accessible within the product portfolio of Fiat in South america. It is expected that in Brazil the Mobi has an entry price of around 30,000 real, that is to say a few 8.200 $ at the current exchange rate, although it is assumed that it will be a very basic version without power steering or air conditioning. On the contrary, in their versions, the more equipped you will have a greater comfort and, as shown in the picture spy, alloy wheels of 15 inches.

Fiat has already reported that the Mobi will be sold together to the finish Easy Drive and Like. Below the capo iniciamnebet have the well-known motor Fire Evo 1.0 litre, but that has been revised to offer something more than the 75 HP current. At a later stage there will be a engine turbo three-cylinder and a power above 100 horse power.