The new Fiat sedan will be launched in November, but will not be called Aegea


Fiat-Aegea H ace few weeks Fiat unveiled the prototype a new world model with sedan body, which they called Aegea. It is a product to be sold in dozens of markets around the world, many of them as substitute Line .

The Fiat Aegea hit the market in November, but under another name.

In an interview with Automotive News, the head of Fiat brand Olivier Francois confirmed that the model is also offered with body hatchback and family and will be released in November first in the Middle East and Africa.

Francois said that it is a practical and well-built car, which will follow the guidelines of the Panda, in the sense that will not be overloaded with items that the customer is not willing to pay .

However, it surprised by ensuring that name Aegea will not be used for the production version although he could not answer what their name because the name will be released somewhat later. While it is too early to know what will be the price of this new product in Europe, but is known to compete in the segment with increased demand in that market only after subcompacts.

Its three body versions will be produced in the plant Tofas in Turkey, with four different engines, two of them diesel, while the most economical engines in its bid, achieved consumption fuel -4 liters per 100 km .

Fiat says the Aegea achieved become class leader thanks to its habitability. After arrival in the market however, it must compete with other well established products such as Dacia Logan, Skoda, Citroen C-Elysee and Peugeot 301 , to name a few.


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