The new Fiat Type hatchback and Station Wagon, already have a price in Italy

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles introduced in Italy before the press at the new Fiat Type Hatchback and Fiat Type Station Wagon, that very soon they will start their marketing, with a starting price of 12.750 €.


Fhey were the surprises more important than Fiat Chrysler Automobiles led to the Geneva Auto Salon last march, and are now preparing to land in Europe, initially in Italy.

it Is of the Fiat Type with body of five doors and family, that come to the market to improve the supply of a model that has begun with much success in Europe. The Fiat Type convertible has already conquered the heart of more than 22,000 customers throughout Europe, more than half of them italians.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is attacking in full to the segment C with this family of three products, which promise to bring you many satisfactions, especially within the segment of fleets, where Fiat had been missing for a long time.


Fiat Type of two volumes and family, retain all of the qualities of the sedan, but add the practicality that can only provide a car body of the type family, and a variant hatchback for those users that require a little more compact.

The Fiat Type Hatchback measured 4,37 meters long and has a trunk with 440-litre capacity, while the Type Station Wagon is stretched to achieve the 4,37 meters in length, offering a load capacity of no less than 550 litres.


In term of aesthetic, maintaining the aesthetics of the sedan, while behind each one of them adopts a specific format. In the hatchback the fall of the roof is more pronounced, whereas in the family the roof is more straight and longer, in line with the increase in the rear overhang. This allowed to improve its livability and add a fourth side window, which allows to improve the visibility and strengthen its image of a family vehicle.

In a sign that points to the simplicity, the supply mechanics of these two alternatives is something more simple, with a limited number of engines. You can opt between a gasoline engine 1.4-liter with 95 HP or diesel Multijet, a 1.3 with 95 BHP and 1.6 120 HP. In addition, it offers a T-Jet 1.4-liter that also works with LPG, which offers a power of 120 HP. The manual transmission is standard, while the automatic dual clutch will be available only next to the Multijet, more powerful.

Initially the five-door with an engine of 1.4 liters and 95 HP will be offered in Italy in promotion with a price of 12.750 €, although then the rate will rise up to 15.900 €, while the Station Wagon will depart from the 17.300 €.


Author: Adriancar Lover since I remember, the Scalextric and the cars scale were in charge of turning on