The new Fiat Type, test the suit police

The new Fiat Type, is imagined in the service of the security forces in italy, thanks to the images generated in digital form. The sedan wears a body decorated as the cars of the Carabineri and Police.

Fiat Tipo CarabinieriLa new generation of the Fiat Type has had a very good reception in Italy, where it already began its marketing with prices depart from the 12,500 € for the special series launch called Opening Edition and the sedan is shaping up as one of the options more attractive in its class.

But the boys of OmniAuto were a step forward, to imagine the new Type in the service of the Polizia and Carabineri Italian, com, a body that has been decorated with all the elements necessary for such purpose and if the results are not as striking as the Lotus Evora S used by the Carabineri, the Type in version police don’t look bad.

To the arrival on the market of the Type in version sedan, will be followed by a hatchback five-door that will hit the market during the first half of next year, and a version Station Wagon which will come shortly after.

Fiat Tipo Polizia