The new Fiat Uno arrives in the markets of the Mercosur

Fiat Uno Fiat Uno is one of those cars that comes to mind when you think of Fiat. This urban, was born in the year 1983 to replace the Fiat 127. Despite its small size it was a car that stood out for its great interior space and a range of engines of economic. Their shapes were modelled by Giugiaro-Italdesign and in him was the body higher than normal, a square design and a low aerodynamic coefficient (0,34 Cx) for the period.

This small model managed to sell across Europe, about six million units. However, in 1995 has finished its life cycle before the onset of the first Fiat Punto. However, the Fiat One would have a new life in other markets. The production ended only for Europe, but remained until 2013 for the countries of Mercosur, making was 30 years in the market of uninterrupted.

Fiat UnoThe second generation of this small urban began his career in Argentina and Brazil (main markets Mercosur) in the year 2010 and its base was that of the current Fiat Panda. Because the new Fiat One for the Mercosur has been presented in these days and makes it to remain one of the most cars sold in this region of the world.

For now, FCA only has revealed the first images of your new city waiting for your submission in the next month of September. What is confirmed is the range mechanics that will mount the new Type. Open up your range a little engine with three cylinders and 1 liter displacement and 80 hp approximately. The second mechanic that would move to the One would be a four-cylinder engine with 1.3 liters of displacement and a 109 hp.

On an aesthetic level the main changes focus on the front grille, headlights and the new location of the new fog lights in the new front bumper. These changes will be adorned with new colors for the measurements, designs alloy wheels. In addition, the model will be able to carry vinyl or sticker in the body so as to adorn your silhouette in function of the tastes of the client.

Source – Fiat

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