The new flagship of Citroën, ready to go into production

Citroën prepares a saloon of representation designed for the european market. It will be a replacement for the Citroën C6, although, for the moment, the French firm has not confirmed what will be your name.

LFrench brand are already working in your new sedan representation, a model that according to the most recent information will become the replacement for the Citroën C5 and Citroën C6.

according to the statements of Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, collected for the publication Coach, a new model designed for the public european, a saloon of large dimensions, which will be located in the most high of the family of models of the brand gala, as a true flagship.

This all-new saloon will be focused on the comfort and will make use of a unique aesthetic, different from the rest of the range Citroën. One of its main features will be its dimensions, that exceeding 4,80 metres in length and an aesthetic exterior that will be heavily inspired by the prototype Citroën CXperience Concept the French brand presented in the year 2016 at the Paris motor show.

according to Jackson, the CXperience Concept was devised to judge the reception of the public, however, will set the course of style of this new sedan of representation, with a design that will undergo some own modifications of a production model. In addition to make use of the most advanced technologies of the mark in terms of connectivity, security, attendance at the ride and comfort and a distinctive image compared to the rest of the models of Citroën and its segment.

although until a few years ago this type of vehicle were designed by Citroen in the chinese market as one of its major destinations, recently the public of that country has begun to opt for crossovers and SUVs, so that the demand for sedans has begun to decline. In spite of this China continues to be the second market in importance for Citroën, a market where sedans still enjoy high demand.

it Is expected that this sedan arrives to the market in a period of one or two years, for which there will not be waiting too long to get to know it at least under the format of a prototype, an evolution of the CXperience presented in 2016.