The new Ford Bronco will hit the market in the year 2020

Ford Bronco 2020

Ford Bronco was an all-rounder who marked a before and an after in the signature blue oval. Years ago, and that is not for sale, as its substitute took another form and way, however the enthusiasts of the model have never stopped dreaming with a new iteration and now it seems that they are going to have. According to have been declared responsible of Ford Motor Company at the Auto Show in Detroit is celebrating the new Bronco would be in the market of face to the year 2020.

This news serves to silence the rumors which, for years, had heard about the rebirth of this model, but that the mark had never been concerned in deny. According to this news and the date that is ahead of Ford the project should be more advanced because we should get to know the model definitive (in the form of concept) the next year and already of face to the year 2020 would begin their sales.

Ford Bronco Origin

however, this good news does not come alone because in addition to the Bronco would also come to the market with a new generation of the Ford Ranger. This model would come to market a year before, at both in the framework of 2019. In this case, the model may be conceptual during this year or the next.

The place that will occupy every one of the models already defined and want to get away from the current SUV marketed by the brand. The Bronco is thought to be a all-terrain, compact in size with which to make excursions more complicated than that allows a SUV to use. In the case of the Ranger will be a pick-up truck cut economic, functional and very robust to cope with the harder tasks to which it is subjected.

Another of the novelties that has left the mark related to these models is that their manufacture is carried out in the united States. To do this we used the facilities at Wayne (Michigan) after they have put in place for the manufacture of both.

Source – Ford Motor Company