The new Ford Edge will hit the market españól the next month of may

on the occasion of the presentation of the new Ford EcoSport, the signing of the oval has announced that the Ford Edge you’ll come to this side of the Atlantic next month may offering us a new alternative between the large SUV a certain approach premium. Large dimensions, good details… and with us in just a few months.

The Ford Edge has a length close to that of the BMW X5

The Ford Edge will be available in may 2016, and will be accompanied by a single mechanical with two power levels, a 2.0 TDCI that will be available with 180 horses and manual change and an alternative of 210 horses with automatic switching, both with awd.

4.8 meters SUV you have to see the faces with the most select of the crossover segment face to the beat of good finishes, good details, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus…

But there is more, two SUV more

in Addition to confirm the arrival of the Ford Edge for the next month of may, Ford Spain said during the next three years will be added to the range crossover Ford two models, thus leaving us, the hand of the Ford EcoSport, Ford Kuga and the above-mentioned Ford Edge, with a total of 5 models.

For now we do not know any details of these two additional variants, we do not know which segment will be targeted, but it certainly seems that Ford is willing to engage fully with the fever SUV.