The new Ford F-150 will debut at Detroit with surprises

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 (F-Series) is the best-selling model in the united States and the signing of the oval do not want the competition to steal the land they have managed to achieve with so many years of work. Their sales grow year to year, and now that RAM and Chevy are going to make changes in your pick-up, more sold have been reported at the Auto Show in Detroit will present a deep restyling of the F-150.

just three years Ago came the current generation and as a significant advance with respect to the previous iteration incorporated several parts in aluminum. For this occasion the brand will be a thorough redesign of its front touching up headlights (the part that will be most affected), grill and bumper. However the main novelty will not come in the form of retouching aesthetic but under the capót front.

Ford F-150

Gordon Platto, designer of Ford in charge of reestilizar the F-150, has commented that they want to bring the design of the pick up smallest of the signature to the Super Duty. These changes will focus primarily on the a C-shape that will have the headlights key (which will incorporate Led technology for the daytime running lights). Rematarán the cosmetic changes, some new alloy wheels between 17 to 22 inches, as well as a few new applique to finish off the back cover out of the box.

To these aesthetic changes binds the main novelty of this model. The range mechanics of this vehicle will have five thrusters, and between them, for the first time in its history, will have a block diesel. The option chosen is a 3.0 liters in a V6 configuration that will give a power closer to 250 hp. In addition it will be linked to an automatic gearbox with 10 speeds. The signature has been reported that this version will not reach the market until the year 2018 but after the close of the Auto Show in Detroit will be able to carry out the first orders.

To stop, the F-150 will incorporate new assistants and driving aids that will result in a safer vehicle like a warning and pre-collision with pedestrian detection or a adaptive cruise control with function stop-and-go in the case of a circular in a jam.

Source – Ford Motor Company