The new Ford Fiesta 2017 officially debuted

The seventh-generation Ford Fiesta debuted officially today in Germany. With a conservative design, the new Fiesta is completely renewed with a new exterior appearance, an upgraded interior, in addition to technological developments and mechanical, as it unveils three-cylinder engine with cylinder deactivation. Will hit the market in mid-2017.


Lfter a first image that today earlier flooded quickly to most of the specialized media, the seventh generation of the Ford Fiesta is already official, as after his debut that took place in Germany, finally, the brand of the oval diffused the first official images of the new Ford Fiesta 2017.

In terms of exterior design, it is observed that Ford has opted to give the new Fiesta a conservative design, which shifts some of the traits that were present in the model to which it will replace. Anyway the front has been the subject of review, as it launches a new grill in line with the most recent update of the Ford Focus.


The optical groups main soften your strokes and reduce their dimensions, in the opposite direction to what occurred up to now, that generation after generation were becoming each time bigger.

To the side, things remained more or less similar, while retaining a line of waist high, although , leaving aside the bulging wheel arches of the previous generation, in favor of a lines more smooth and less marked.

behind debuts a few riders rear format is completely different, as they are arranged in a horizontal position and not vertical as in the current model. The optical group is divided into two sections, and one of them is located on the trunk lid. The rest of the design of the posterior sector is quite similar to the previous model, beyond the differences in the format of the lights.

Ford Fiesta 2017

Preserves the bodies of 3-and 5-door and adds a variant of aspect crossover.

Keep the bodies of three and five-door, which represents an advantage over its competitors within the segment, as most of the other brands, but by no means all, have opted to offer their products solely with bodywork of five doors.

in Addition, the new Ford Fiesta 2017 debuts a finishing campero called Party Active Crossover that adds roof rails, moldings unpainted plastic and bumper design specific with a shield in aluminum color on the bottom.

in Addition, a version oriented to the luxury that will take the name Vignale will be within the catalog finishes the sixth generation of the Ford Fiesta, in addition to the Titanium and ST-Line


where yes evolves the seventh generation of the utility is in the interior, which adds a new design, in addition to greater technology. The materials used in the interior gave a leap with the purpose of improving the perceived quality, where there is no shortage of the plastics feel soft, and according to the versions, even the upholstery in leather with stitching to contrast on the dashboard, doors, steering wheel and seats.

in Addition to added improvements in the budget which include a system of information and entertainment with high-definition touch screen that protrudes through the top of the dashboard, with a design tablet and for the first time in the family of products from Ford, a sound system high-fidelity B&O PLAY signed by Bang & Olufsen.


One of its novelties is most important is the engine EcoBost 1.0 with cylinder deactivation.

The offer mechanics provides several options of petrol and diesel. The novelty most important is related to the new EcoBoost engine of 1.0 litre, which debuts a system of deactivated cylinders, which allows to improve the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The three-cylinder Ford will be the first three-cylinder engine in the world to have the technology of deactivated cylinders, a system that allows you to activate and deactivate the cylinders in just 14 milliseconds and that thanks to advanced solutions to counteract the vibrations, it will be practically unnoticeable to drivers not only in terms of performance but also performance.