The new Ford Fiesta will be presented publicly on the 29th in Germany

Ford Fiesta ST200

Makes scant two months, the Ford Fiesta was serving 40 springs. The utility of Ford is one of the longest-lived models and successful sector of the car world. He was born as a solution to the severe energy crisis that suffered through world, and here what we have become in a car multi-purpose. So important is the for the signing of the oval in a matter of ten days will present in Germany that will be the sixth installment of this best seller.

The current Ford Fiesta takes on the market eight years ago. A vehicle of the urban segment has got a shelf life average of between six and seven years, but the Feast is kept as well in design, dynamic qualities, and sales (most important) that the senior management of Ford Motor Company has not seen the need to change the model completely until now. For this to have been possible have had a lot to do the small cosmetic changes that has been subjected in all of these years and to the continuous update of equipment and engines.

Ford Fiesta 40 aniversarioAccording to the company, for the next generation of its utility we will have many surprises. The first will come from the hand of a greater size outside. The current measured is 3.96 meters long, so that its outside size could be about 4 meters for igularse to the largest in the segment. The second will be your design, that will not be disruptive to one hundred percent following the last canyon of the aesthetic of the brand. According to the company the new Fiesta will remain faithful to its essence, with a compact design and a strong sporting spirit that is flavoured by a higher-quality interior and construction.

This new generation will incorporate the most modern systems of driving assistance addition of a new infotainment system that will allow it to be one of the models of the category best connected. With respect to its range of mechanical it is more than likely that it will incorporate the infamous gasoline engines EcoBoost in versions of three and four cylinders, as well as a new diesel EcoBlue. In addition we can not forget their variant most famous, and dynamic, the ST will have more than 200 HP of power.

For more details will have to wait until next 29th of November when Cologne (Germany) opens its doors to the new Party.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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