The new Ford Focus coming out almost completely before its debut in 2018


this Is the first time we can see a Ford model with a camouflage as colorful as these photos spies almost uncovered

Almost uncovered. So it appears the new generation of the Ford Focus a few months of its global launch, which should occur in two events marked on the calendar: at the beginning of the year at the Detroit motor show, as a global model of the strategy “One Ford” and two months later, at the Geneva motor show as a coming-of-age for Europe.

Sporting the hashtag #TimeToFocus and with a camouflage psychedelic, futuristic, and with some colors more than the traditional vinyl white and black that we often see in other photos spies, the fourth generation of the compact Ford will be on sale for the second half of the year.

Precisely thanks to this camouflage, we can see almost her whole body, highlighting the new hexagonal design of a large grid that extends transversely across the bumper, the only grill that will have this new model by removing the upper and enrasando directly with the hood. The headlights follow the style of the new Fiesta and of this particular unit have LED, equipment that will be optional.


you can Almost say that the new Focus is a great Holiday, sharing the design of the side view

The side view shows a few of the ways very influenced by the new Fiesta, is slightly lower, wider and longer, with a rear overhang shorter, and A-pillars slightly smaller. Precisely, a detail from the striking of this silhouette is the elimination of the fixed-glass rear giving it a dressier touch to the side and that has been extended in time from the first generation of the Focus.

In the rear we can also see the shapes of the gate, very similar to the new Fiesta and with a low load threshold, while the pilots let us see their shape but are more covered and with a graphic way of the LED mode of cord that suggests a point more sporty.

In the interior, which also we have already seen, will have a new design with fewer buttons to change to have a new touch screen of eight inches that depending on the level of finish you have more or less features and elements of equipment more sophisticated as a new address “by-wire”


The rear light clusters allow us to see their new forms but just let us see more than its central part

The new Ford Focus will keep one of its best qualities, the comfort of its suspensions, but will enhance a key point: agility. For our information, we know that the brand has worked on improving the geometry of the front suspension and give the rear suspension more stiff which, coupled with a greater use of high tensile steel, will contribute to to achieve the dynamic behavior of the first two generations that is seeking to restore the brand.

The range of petrol engines will be based on blocks of three-and four-cylinder EcoBoost 1.0 and 1.5 liters, a maximum power of 2.0 liters, according to markets, in addition to the diesel TDCi with a TDCi 2.0-liter high performance.