The new Ford Focus Electric, 2017 premiered battery and other new features

Ford Focus Eléctrico 2017

Ford Focus Electric, 2017. With up to 225 kilometres of autonomy.

More autonomy and less charge time. With these assumptions is presented before us, the new Ford Focus Electric, 2017. The variant 100% electric popular compact of the brand, the blue oval is updated with important news and starts its marketing in some european markets. It is one of the 13 global models found that Ford is going to launch during the next five years.

Between all the elements, which introduces the Ford Focus Electric, 2017, without a doubt, the most important is the new battery of 33.5 kWh, almost 50% more energy capacity than the previous model. Now has a autonomy of up to 225 kilometers (NEDC). In addition, it has improved the cooling and heating liquid of the engine and the battery helping the new Focus Electric will be more efficient and extend the life of the battery.

on the other hand, a new charging connector quick that uses the System of Combined Load (CCS), which is the industry standard, allows recharge 80% of battery in 30 minutes making use of a DC fast charging. Using the same charging connector in a charging point home of 32 amps AC, we will need 5 hours to complete the charging of the battery. Between 3 and 4 hours we will have a load equivalent to about 150 km of autonomy.

Ford Focus eléctrico 2017

The look of the Ford Focus Electric while you recharge your batteries.

To all these best of the electric system that powers the new Ford Focus Electric, we have the connectivity system, SYNC 3 that allows us to control the audio, navigation and smartphones connected to the vehicle using voice commands. The system of info-entertainment is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

For now, the new Ford Focus Electric will not be available in Spain

The marketing of the revamped version of the electric Ford will start in the following european markets: Germany, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Jumps to the view that Spain is not present in the previous list, something that generates quite a few doubts about if it will come to market or not for these parts. The record does not permit us to be optimistic.

Ford Focus Eléctrico 2017

For now the new Ford Focus Electric will not be sold in Spain.

the previous version of The Ford Focus electric if it has been on sale in the Spanish market, although with a result that is pretty disastrous. Between the years 2015 and 2016 only sold 1 unit of the Focus electric in Spain. And quite possibly the unit was registered by the brand itself. The lack of promotion and the notable difference of autonomy with its main rivals (the Nissan Leaf or the Volkswagen e-Golf) have been other factors that have not helped.

With this renovation and the obvious improvement of autonomy, yes you can have a chance in a market that still remains very elitist. Quite possibly Ford chooses to follow a strategy similar to that of Opel with the Ampera-e. That is to say, put it up for sale in the first place in those countries where the sales of electric cars are greater for subsequently introduce it in other markets where the electric vehicle has a lower demand.