The new Ford Focus RS begins production


The Ford Focus RS starts your production at the start of the 2016: the first units have already left the production line in Saarlouis (Germany), starting to get to dealers, and delivered the first orders. The wait has been long for the more impatient, since the new Focus RS starts its production almost a year after its official presentation.

With the Focus RS 2016 we are faced with one of the compact sport’s most radical and sports, and also to one of the most anticipated. In the past month of September started its sale, with prices ranging from 41.440 euro in Spain. And since then, have been formalized more than 3,100 firm orders in the whole of Europe, a figure quite remarkable if we take into account the orientation of the model.


Another number that shows the great interest and expectation that is raising the model: more than 250,000 people have configured the Ford Focus RS through the different sites of the brand. By way of summary, let us remember that the new Focus RS has been developed by Ford Performance, and will be the first ‘RS’ in be sold in the united States, in addition to in Europe.

engine 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder develops 350 HP, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. And its awd system, with the help of the Dynamic Torque Vectoring, works decisively in the dynamic behavior, including multiple drive modes selectable the operation of which is explained by the own Ben Collins (ex-The Stig in Top Gear) in the video you have a little more down.


current Range of Ford Performance in Europe: the Ford GT will come to the end of 2016

plans of Ford Performance for Europe not end up with the Focus RS. The manufacturer will launch an offensive of twelve sports models until 2020, including the Focus RS, or to the more “modest” -in high – performance Fiesta ST and Focus ST, with a 250 HP gasoline or 185 HP diesel.

The Ford Mustang puts the icing on top of the range sports current Ford, with more than 13,000 orders entered up to the time in Europe. And at the end of this year will reach the Ford GT, standing on the cusp. The objectives of Ford Performance passed sell the 41,000 units of its models during the year 2016: in the past 2015, the sales of the division’s sporty Ford is closed with 29,000 units.

Bonus: this is how the modes of driving the Ford Focus RS, video