The new Ford GT 2017 is able to reach the 348 km/h thanks to its engine 3.5 V6

Ford GT 2017

In their guts, the Ford GT 2017 with a V6 engine, 3.5 EcoBoost with 656 HP.

The situation with regard to the new Ford GT 2017 is quite curious. It has been revealing with the eyedropper technical data and, in this case, performance of the new generation of the iconic high-performance sports brand from the blue oval. However, this fact has not been a drawback to that has been a success as it sold out months ago and the first units are already facing the final stretch to reach your destination, the garage of their respective owners.

Not many days ago, we published the details regarding the box of instruments and the different driving modes (a total of five) that offers the new Ford GT. Well, we can add up all the figures and features that will shed your motor that carries with pride the family name EcoBoost. In their guts, the all-new Ford GT 2017 will have a twin-turbo V6 3.5-liter EcoBoost with 656 HP (647 HP) and 746 Nm (550 lb-ft).

Taking into account that the sports coupé, american sheds a weight 1.385 kg, it’s no wonder the benefits that it will offer to its driver. We are at the Ford’s fastest production ever created by Ford that the will be able to achieve the 348 km/h.

Ford GT 2017 - interior

The new Ford GT 2017 will be able to reach the 348 km/h of maximum speed.

on the other hand, and in addition to publishing these figures, the manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to “get chest” and say that the new Ford GT 2017 has been able to complete a turn in the track, Calabogie Motorsports Park (Canada) setting a time of 2:09.8. Has improved the timing of supercars as impressive as the McLaren 675LT (2:10.8) or the Ferrari 458 Speciale (2:12.9). Without a doubt, we are before a real beast on wheels able to beat all the records in the main circuits of the world.

as A reminder, and in relation to what has been commented at the beginning of the article, commenting that the production of the Ford GT 2017 is limited to around 250 copies a year. With said cap, Ford hopes to offer an exceptional level of quality in each one of the phases that you will pass the new GT in the special zone created by the brand for their production. It is manufactured in a plant located in Markham (Canada).

¿What will be its price? Is another of the figures missing by know. Despite the fact that the first deliveries are already about to take place, Ford is still without revealing how much it costs the new GT. The information prior to point out that it will move in a range of between$ 400,000 to (372.955€) and 450.000$ (419.574€).