The new Ford Mustang 2018 leaked full video


The front receives the greatest number of changes.

The new Ford Mustang has been leaked into the complete thanks to the publication of one of his videos official presentation. Although the new and strange aspect of the model invites us to think that it might be a joke or a crude imitation, it is certain that the video appears legitimate, and therefore, this will be the design of the new front of the Mustang.

These days we were waiting to know something more of the new Mustang 2018. Although the brand has been reluctant to confirm their arrival, and the imminent filing of the new version Shelby Mustang induced to think that the revelation of the facelift could be closer than we thought, as I had commented in the previous days.

In regards to the developments, the great part of them we’re going to find at a technical level. In the first place, and in the absence of the mark to confirm it, it is assumed that the V6 engine will disappear from the range, leaving only the 4-cylinder turbo EcoBoost and the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter.


behind just receives changes.

, waiting for an update of the mechanics that are, which will receive new items, such as the transmission 10 speeds that was jointly developed by Ford and General Motors, or a new sports exhaust system with four outputs.

In regards to your rack, both the Mustang EcoBoost as the Mustang V8 would have the option of installing the suspension MagneRide is available in the version GT350, that by which we know will continue to be marketed without changes and therefore will not count with the new aesthetic of the facelift.

In regards to the new aesthetic, the front seems to have taken all the work of redesigning, since in the rear just to distinguish changes, the optics seem to be something different, but little more. However the front has been changed radically, despite having only a few changes in your strokes.


The new optical front seem to promise controversy.

The pilots are new, and lose their horizontality in favor of a few riders worked, which now seem to have the flashing at the bottom. While the bumper has received a change in what is more strange, the hollow bottom, under the grill, it still has the shape of a trapezoid, but in this occasion it has been rotated, and their edges, minor have changed angle and the corners are straight and marked.

On the sides we find a new reading of the air inlets, where interestingly remain almost unchanged the optical auxiliary. These entries now have a triangular shape instead of the almost square above.

For the moment, we do not know when the brand will reveal officially the model, but in this video we can see the detail, at least in its exterior, since the interior has not yet footage available.