The new Ford Transit and Transit Custom add a system of detection of pedestrians


The technologies focused on the safety is not exclusive to passenger cars. The signature blue oval has just announced that it has added to their vans a new system of detection of pedestrians that will help greatly reduce the risks of accident with a pedestrian. Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom are the first vehicles in this segment to incorporate this type of technology.

This technology called Wizard PrecolisiĆ³n has been put to the test in closed circuit with a dummies and tested in cities with a large influx of pedestrians in the streets as Paris or Amsterdam to test its effectiveness in a real environment. Most of 10,000 km tests have been carried out by Ford in city driving.


Thanks to the experience gained in other models such as the Ford Mondeo or the Ford Focus, the american manufacturer already had much of the work done to transfer this technology to its range of vans. The system account with a radar installed in the front and a camera located in the windshield, which analyzes in every moment what we have in front. For operation with a database of “shapes of pedestrians,” which helps differentiate these from other common elements such as traffic signs or trees.

This system has three stages of operation. When the vehicle detects a risk of collision with a pedestrian first warns the driver by means of acoustic signals, a beep and visual notification in the dashboard. If the driver fails to react the system passes to pretensar the brakes which reduces the travel of the brake and thus decelerate faster in case of stepping on the pedal. If the driver still has not reacted to the situation then is when the van applies the brakes automatically.


As you’ve been able to verify its operation is the same as that of any tourism. This new security technology dramatically reduces the risk of accident or of its consequences either by forgetfulness on the part of the pedestrian or the driver. Not only is a benefit undeniable to the users of the pathway, but also prevents passing a bad time and to take losses in our company because of an incident like this.

In these models we will also find other technologies focused towards the safety and comfort as the , Adaptive Control, Recognition of road Signs and Lateral Stabilization.