The new format of the WRC2 has big detractors


The FIA decided to tinker with the rules of the class WRC2 to homogenize the fight for the title. Although the pilots still choose their best seven results to conform to their score at the end of the season, of face-to-2017 were set three rallies mandatory. In the first instance the absence of a pilot in Portugal, Germany or Wales ruled him out of the category, as they are downgraded to spend to count as a zero. However, the presence of the great swords in these rallies to focus the fight for the title of WRC2 causes its absence in other events of the season.

So what complaint the director of the Rally of Finland, Kai Tarkiainen. The responsible explains that the number and quality of participants in WRC2 in rally has gone down, as the pilots stronger is reserved for the mandatory tests. Although it is true that the number of registrations has been reduced in all the classes, in the case of Finland there has been a 21 enrolled in WRC2 (2015) 14 of this year, passing by the 18 of 2016. Co all, beyond the numbers is the quality of the participants concerned that the only three of the first ten classified in WRC2 will be in Finland.

These figures are extensible to rally far from eastern Europe as are Mexico, Argentina and Australia, although in this case, by the high logistics costs that supposed to send cars to America, and Oceania. All in all, the Rally RACC Catalunya is also in danger of having a class WRC2 decaffeinated to be found between the two appointments required. A problem that does not seemed to repair the FIA when the law changed and that you must resolve in a way satisfactory to all parties, something that does not happen exclusively by a calendar ‘rotary’ testing a priority, since the appointments extra-european can be seen doubly aggrieved.