The new generation Ford EcoSport as wheel hidden under the bodywork of the Fiesta

The next generation of the Ford EcoSport is scheduled for 2020, and its development has already begun. The first mule of tests has been hunted, for the time being using the body of the Party.

Hace a few days Ford us was shocked with a series of news related to your next family of all paths, which will include once more and after a decade of absence to the Ford Bronco within your catalog. But in addition, the american manufacturer released a first sketch of a new SUV for the B-segment, which will be located below the new Bronco.

This new crossover will be very likely to the model that ends up replacing the current Ford EcoSport, a crossover born for the markets of Latin america, it has never managed to meet the forecasts of sales in the european market. Despite having been renovated a short time ago, the current generation of the EcoSport has been six years in the market and is close already end with the last stretch of its commercial life.

But Ford already has initiated the development of the model which will replace the current EcoSport, once more will take the foundation of the Ford Fiesta.

The new small crossover from Ford is already in development

The first units of development, have already been photographed while they were engaged in tests in the Arctic Circle and the first mule test has been hunted by the photographers wearing a body of the current Fiesta visibly modified, with a rear overhang added, a few suspensions high and a few steps from wheel wider that fail eye there under hides the new generation of the suv small Ford.

at the moment there is no official information about this new model, beyond this first sketch that Ford unveiled a few days ago, which indicates that this possible replacement of the current EcoSport could resort to a format outside of design but classic to try, as well as the Bronco, to compete against Jeep.

anyway its development has just begun, and over the next 18 months there will surely be many news about this new SUV the B segment that is expected to arrive on the market in 2020.

A first image of the new Ford Bronco anticipated his silhouette