The new generation of BMW engines will be more efficient and less polluting


First details on the new family of engines of BMW

Appear on the network the first data on the next generation of BMW engines. The signature bavarian does not stop in their research to evolve one of the key parts in any vehicle, your engine. The new family will begin to arrive soon will give a evolutionary leap with greater performance, efficiency, riding comfort and not as, lower rates of emissions.

The generation of thrusters of the family Efficent Dynamics who is coming will have blocks of three-and four-cylinder that, thanks to their modularity, they can be mounted both longitudinally and laterally, depending on the use you want to give. This renovation will not only enjoy the BMW customers but MINI will also benefit from this new technology. There is not official date of arrival but everything points to the new BMW 5 Series will be the first model to bring it to the market.


The new BMW 5-Series is probably the first model in brand new engines.

The range of gasoline will receive an interesting increase of their power, so much so that the whole supply boosted its strength in +7CV, and +20 Nm of maximum torque. This will happen to the pair, a considerable reduction of their consumption figures and emissions around a 5%.

The technology “Twin Power Turbo” BMW will be globalized in this branch that will accompany the direct injection of fuel, control of the intake valves VALVETRONIC and double VANOS. In addition, now the turbo will be integrated into the exhaust manifold and both the cylinder block, with a pressure of 350 bar, which feeds fuel with a higher accuracy by reducing the emissions. It also features a new cooling system with water pump output dual independent engine and cylinder head.


The new propellers will be three-and four-cylinder

with Respect to the mechanical diesel also announces a reduction in consumption and emissions of around 5% in the entire range although it is not specified if the same as the gasoline will increase their performance. In addition it has carried out a great job for to reduce the levels of noise and vibrations gaining in comfort during the fly.

What we do know is that the diesel will normalize the technology Twin-Turbo, something similar to what happened in the gasoline and that much of the work has focused on processing of the exhaust gases to improve emissions. To do this equip a new EGR system recirculation of exhaust gases with a system SCR selective reduction with AdBlue to remove all possible harmful NOx emissions.