The new generation of Honda Civic is taking shape


Honda Civic Sedán 2016 (Proyección) C on the images of the patent office in hand, Brazilians Carplace developed a projection of how would the tenth generation Honda Civic will hit the market next year.

To make the images the artist is also based not only on the image of the patent office, but also in the spy photos of pre-production models, as well as the prototype of the Civic Coupe presented in the last Auto Show in New York . With this information some images that show quite precisely as the new Civic will know next year were achieved.

The new generation Civic will be longer, wider and have a longer wheelbase.

After the bad experience with the previous generation, that little like the American public, the Japanese bet on American design team to prepare the tenth generation model.

The new Civic not only be presented with a design that looks rather more evolved than the model it replaces, but also grow substantially reaching 4.50 meters long, to be in tune with his main rival, the Toyota Corolla .

Honda Civic Sedán 2016 (Proyección) Thus Honda will meet the target improved habitability , with more space for rear seat occupants. Aesthetically model comes with some features that give a touch of exclusivity, such as taillights that spread to invade part of the rear compartment lid.

In the most powerful versions will be offered with an unprecedented Turbo VTEC engine 1.5 liter 200 hp.

In addition, the front shows some very sharp light clusters that are integrated into delicately with grill, almost forming a single piece.

Under the hood there will be new, since the model included in the version available to a [1.99901 million] block VTEC engine with 2.0 liters and an output of 150 horsepower . Also in the more powerful model variants will debut a 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo and an output according to versions, could exceed [1.99901 million] 200 hp . It is expected that the propellant can be associated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic.

The international launch of Civic tenth generation be held next January, but from the fourth quarter of this year begin production in Brazil to supply all the region.

Honda Civic Sedán 2016 (Proyección)


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