The new generation of the Audi A8 will face the S-Class Maybach… and what about the coupe?


The new generation of the Audi A8 will have a version that will compete with the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Audi is rethinking the range of the next A8 seeing as his rival the S-Class has expanded his having great success. That’s why the next generation of the sedan of representation intends to deal seriously with the versions Maybach creating a body even more long and luxurious than the current Audi A8 L.

The own Dr. Stefan Knirsch, new chief technical officer of Audi, admitted that new bodywork of the A8 are being studied since the success of the versions with extra-long S-Class, Maybach and Pullman, makes them think that a saloon even longer than the Audi A8 L would have good reception in the market.

Audi raises expand the family of the A8

recently met an Audi A8 six-door (in the photos accompanying this article) with great amplitude of space for its six occupants, but it was not more than a vehicle created expressly for a whimsical and well-heeled client. We assume that this one-off also helped to make this new body as this that caused so much feeling that Audi received calls from more clients interested.


The next generation in addition to equip a sophisticated driving system autonomous of the latest generation, shows were the last exploits seen by the RS7 Piloted Driving Concept or the A8 L W12 autonomous film festival, the Berlinale. In particular it will equip the SAE level 3 that allows the driver to release the hands off the wheel for longer than the current while not exceeding the 60 km/h.

on the other hand we could also think in an Audi A8 coupé or a derivative of the silhouette of the coupé, the long-awaited Audi A9, seeing as the range of the S-Class has absorbed the old CL-Class to bear the S-Class Coupe and Cabrio.

we will Soon see the new Audi A8 in the classic formats sedan and body extended, if it eventually decides to launch more variants of these will come later.