The new generation of the Honda CR-V will be larger

The fifth generation of the Honda CR-V will hit the market in 2017 and will be quite bigger than the current model, possibly equipped with three rows of seats and seven seats.

Honda CR-V 2017 (Fotos espía)Andhe generational change in the Honda CR-V is very close to arriving and the signing of japanese origin already tried the fifth generation of the SUV, who was recently killed while effected running tests on open roads.

it Is common that with each new generation Honda to increase the size of their models, but the new generation of the CR-V seems to have taken that idea to the extreme. A little less than a year you, we told you that the new CR-V would be bigger and the first images seem to confirm this.

In the pictures you can see a mule of evidence that if well used the body of the current model, suggest that its length will be much greater to the current model, perhaps to gain space for a third row of seats that allows to carry seven or more occupants.

however that you could also open a gap among the new HR-V and CR-V, which would add a new crossover to the alignment of Honda. Judging by the camouflage of the photographed unit, it is possible that Honda has also carried out major changes in the front with respect to the outgoing model. Behind the surprising double output exhaust.

Without your body summary, it is clear that the new Honda CR-V is still in its preliminary phases of development, so possibly his debut did not take place before 2017.

Honda CR-V 2017 (Fotos espía)