The new generation of the Nissan Tiida premiered in Russia

Today they released the first images of the new generation Nissan Tiida , which made its debut in the Russian market. It is based on Press presented in Europe late last year.

last September witnessed the formal introduction to the European market new generation Nissan Pulsar an hatchback that in some markets is provided as Nissan Tiida in Europe and try to transform into one of the pillars of the brand, based on great equipment at an affordable price.

This week hatchback debuted in Russia, and under the name Tiida without aesthetic modifications to the body, but with a quite different cabin. The new Tiida is produced in the plant Izhevsk owned by the Alliance AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan becoming the local market by the end of this month.

The Nissan Tiida for the Russian market will be equipped with 1.6 liter which develops an output of 117 horsepower mated to a manual transmission 6-speed or an automatic type CVT.

Its exterior aesthetics is practically traced to the European Pulsar, except alloy wheels, different for the Russian model.

Nissan-Tiida-2016-2 In the cabin, although both models share features such as automatic climate and Touchscreen multimedia system, Russian Tiida debuts a different plate, with a new configuration of ventilation grilles, instrument panel and sound equipment.

Nissan produced Mexico the Tiida, but for the moment seems to be far from producing the model new generation . They say there will still occur as demand, especially in markets where it is exported.

Furthermore sometime intentions were the Japanese company to use the old Tiida to replace the Mexican market to even more Tsuru veteran, an old and dangerous sedan that still remains in production and is usually chosen for company fleets and taxi drivers.


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