The new generation of the Opel Corsa and Adam will be in Spain


The new generation of the Opel Adam will be manufactured in Spain.

Opel has announced major changes in the localization of the production of some of their models. And these changes directly affect us. The brand continues to organize its production structure in Europe to reduce costs and make a manufacturing process more productive. As you may have read in the headline of the article, the big news that touches us is that the new generation of the Opel Corsa and Opel Adam will occur in Spain.

In particular, the production of these two models will take place at the factory of General Motors/Opel has in Figueruelas (Zaragoza). However, the arrival of these two models to the above-mentioned plant will have as a consequence the progress of one of the models produced currently. The the successor of the Opel Mokka X will be built from 2019, in the factory of Opel in Eisenach (Germany). We lose a model but we won two.

The Adam and Corsa will be built in Spain

At the end of the month of August of this year, Opel began the production of the new Mokka X in Figueruelas. The SUV will continue manufacturing in Spanish territory until the aforementioned date. Both the Adam as the Corsa and the Mokka X are three of the models of the German brand most sold in our market. Between the three accumulated more than 43.300 enrollment until the month of November.


The next Opel Corsa will also be produced in the factory of Opel in Figueruelas (Zaragoza).

What we know of the next Opel Corsa and Adam?

In the case of the Opel Adam, the truth is that little or nothing is known today about its next generation. The first and only generation of this small urban arrived at the dealers at the beginning of the year 2013. It is still too early to speak of a new generation. In addition, for now has not been sighted any mule test or prototype the next Adam. Factors that make us think that the new model will not be a reality until the end of this decade or even after the year 2020. However, it is best to wait because for now all are mere guesses, taking as starting point the date of launch of the current generation.

¿And what about the next Opel Corsa? During the last months of our photographers spy have managed to hunt on more than one occasion to different test units that the engineers of the German brand are using to develop the new generation. Among other spy photos, we recommend that you take a look at these where we can see a Opel Corsa Sedan 2019. What the great surprise of the next generation of the Corsa? It would add to the body 5-door hatchback.

Opel Corsa 2019 - foto espía

Photo spy of Opel Corsa 2019. Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien.

Adopt a new platform (G2SC of General Motors) that is shared with the Chevrolet Aveo. Therefore, it is expected that you can grow a few inches while you reduce your weight in a few kilograms. Its design will be influenced by the latest releases and models developed by Opel. Keep your current line though with a front that is entirely new.

As well, we have published together with spy photos of the Opel Corsa 2019, it is expected that the new generation of the subcompact German will reach the market sometime in the year 2018. Therefore, it would be the first of these two models begin to occur in the factory of Opel in Figueruelas.