The new generation of the Subaru Impreza is anticipated in the format of a prototype

The next generation of the Subaru Impreza begins to be known thanks to a first conceptual work that this week is exhibited in the framework of the Tokyo motor show.

Subaru-Impreza-5-door-Concept-01E[19459010a]mong the developments that Subaru prepared for display in the Tokyo motor show is a conceptual work that offers us a screenshot of the next generation of the Impreza. However do not forget that many times the prototype of the japanese brand have little to do with what eventually is transformed into the production model, just remember what happened with the WRX Concept presented at the year 2013.

At a visual level, the Subaru Impreza 5-door Concept is presented with a body of type hatchback of five doors, in addition to some minor stylistic presumably to mark some kind of clue to where you go the design of the new Impreza when it arrives to the market as a model of 2017.

Among those qualities stand out front with a grill of format more vertical, some groups optical design sharp, and a general look that for some reason does not but remind me of the Hyundai’s more recent and even up in some way to the Mercedes Class A. The prototype measures 4,400 mm long, 1,880 mm wide and 1,440 mm high, with a wheelbase that is located in the 2,670 mm

it Is expected that the Subaru Impreza 2017 is the first product of the brand to adopt a new architecture based on a new and lighter platform global, in addition to a also new generation of engines horizontally opposed, which will have deactivated cylinder and direct injection system of fuel.

By the time the press release does not clarify about which is the mechanics chosen. Will have to wait until next year to know if your production version will have a design similar to this prototype, or if on the contrary once more the model that hits the market will be quite different to the concept.