The new generation of the Toyota GT86 will come to the end of this decade


The Toyota GT86 will have a new generation.

After the recent release of the last time an overhaul of the Toyota GT86, the japanese manufacturer puts the spotlight on an upgrade more “important”. Recall that the current generation (the first) of the GT86 arrived at the dealers back in the year 2012. Since then, and after the passage of nearly half a decade, much has been talking and writing about the developed of a new generation.

the Fruit of a cooperation between Toyota and Subaru, in recent years it has been speculated on too many occasions about the viability of developing a new GT86 and all of the costs that would entail getting into such a project. However, and to eliminate any type of doubt, a senior official of Toyota has confirmed clearly that there will be a new generation of the Toyota GT86.

In particular, it has been Karl Schlicht, Head of Toyota Europe, who has confirmed that the GT86 will have a continuation in the next years. Although it has not entered much into detail, Schlicht shows the interest of Toyota to follow in “the business of sports”. And although it is too adventurous if you will maintain such cooperation with Subaru, by the statements of Schlicht seems to be that this will be the.


The new Toyota GT86 will see the light at the end of this decade.

“The Toyota GT86 is in the stage in which we must decide the step that we will give below. Once decided, we will select a chief engineer and we’ll get to work. In any case, the GT86 will continue. The model has a great purpose. We are not leaving the segment. Simply, the sports car go through phases. It is our intention to continue to work on it”.

On the cooperation with Subaru, the result of which there is also the Subaru BRZ, the high office of Toyota can’t say if it will continue to maintain. However, Schlicht makes it clear that, to continue with a project that keep the essence current, must continue to work with them.

let us Remember that currently the Toyota GT86 2017 makes use of a boxer engine of 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that throws 200 HP and 205 Nm. This engine can be associated both to a manual gearbox as an automatic. In any case, it sends the power developed by the engine to the rear wheels.

Toyota GT86 2017

All indications are that Toyota will continue to work with Subaru for the development of the new GT86.

¿Where will be the new GT86 in the range of Toyota? As we well know, the manufacturer is working to full capacity in the return of the Toyota Supra, therefore, when the development of the new generation of the GT86, it shall be located a step below the Supra in both performance and price.

According to the statements of Schlicht made to our friends from Coach, the new Toyota GT86 will hit the market at the end of this decade. About a year and a half after the new Supra to make act of presence, so that the second-generation GT86 will be a reality in the 2019.