The new ‘Gigafactory’ Tesla will be inaugurated on the 29th of July

Tesla Gigafactorywe Already knew from a long time ago that Tesla had been put to work to build a mammoth new factory of batteries for their vehicles. More commonly known as Gigafactory, this facility would be to the outskirts of Reno (Nevada), and would be the fruit of a collaboration with Panasonic to reduce their total costs. It seems that everything is ready and the american brand has announced that his inauguration will take place on July 29, .

This fact is somewhat surprising taking into account that the latest information on the factory they said that had only been completed 14%. In any case, this summer we will see the result of an investment of more than 5,000 million dollars and it will occupy more than 500,000 square feet. Will try to be at the height of the huge demand that has given rise to the recently presented Tesla Model 3.

In a short time, the most affordable model in the brand has received more than 400,000 bookings, so that the Gigafactory should run at full capacity for the start of production in 2017. The objective of this factory is produce 500,000 batteries a year to 2018. In addition to that, you will manage to reduce the costs of production of the batteries at least 33%, allowing the Model 3 has a price of only $ 35,000.

Tesla also wants that its Gigafactory will be respectful with the environment and for this reason it will be fed with renewable energies. Later will try to accomplish one goal: that the energy consumed by the factory to be the same as the one that generates. The Gigafactory is surprising since everywhere you look and more knowing some data, such as that when run at full performance it will get to double the production of lithium-ion batteries worldwide.

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