The new Honda Accord will be made official next July 14

The Honda Accord is one of the most successful products of the japanese firm, behind his Best Seller, the Honda Civic. Although already years ago, which left our market, other countries are still giving a lot of war being a premium saloon with a lot of “pull” business. After nine generations, the new Honda Accord tenth generation, and that we move ahead with the teaser image that we see just above, will be officially presented the next 14th of July.

Your presentation will take place in Detroit at 11:00 in your local time, that is to say, at 17:00 Spanish time. Says Honda, in a press release, that this tenth generation of Honda Accord will be the most fun-to-drive of all. They also remind us that it is the vehicle mean more sold in the united States since the year 2010; one of the most important markets for the model nippon shot by the 13 million sales since 1976.

Seems to be, as we see in the teaser image, the new Honda Accord will adopt a design so bold, angular and dynamic as the new Civic, with which it will share many similarities in their striking front part of the body. On the other hand, will incorporate new engines more efficient that they would, in some cases, forced air intake for the turbocharger and, in others, to a drive system hybrid.

says the japanese firm, the new Accord will be available, for the us market, with three engine versions. Two will be turbocharged with direct injection, and the third hybrid, but have not wished to enter into details. Depending on the versions used a gearbox six-speed manual (to americans like a lot of the automatic change and it is more than likely that the manual versions, they are not the most in-demand) and another automatic type CVT with 10 relations preset.

unfortunately, Honda reserves all technical data of this model to make them official at the date of the event. We’ll see if this new, tenth generation gets as good results as its predecessors.

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