The new Honda Civic 2017 hunted, And its interior exposed!

Honda Civic 2017 - foto espía

The new Honda Civic is located in a final stage of development.

on the basis of a prototype pre-production shown during the Auto show of New York 2016, Honda continues finalizing the development of the new Honda Civic 2017. And proof of this are these new spy photos in that our photographers have managed to hunt down a test unit. You may be wondering what’s new offer us these images, because to the naked eye, we see that the exterior is still using the same amount of camouflage. Because that for the first time we see the interior.

As we say, since Honda showed a prototype of Civic 5 doors in the living Room of New York 2016, the japanese brand has already commented that the production version will be virtually identical. And what we’ve been seeing throughout these months, we can say that it will be as well. Now, some elements will be “streamlined”. Thanks to their optical, the fall of roof and details such as roof spoiler, rear, we find a more dynamic design.

In the case of the european version of the new Civic, we will see a model with a longer wheelbase, which will translate in an increase of the space for seats later. The range of engines will also be different with respect to the model that will be marketed in the north american market. Something that, on the other hand, it is completely logical.

Honda Civic 2017 - foto espía

The interior of new Honda Civic 2017 5 doors fully exposed.

Since for the first time our photographers cazasen the new Civic, we have tried to take a look at your car. Something that we have not achieved until today. And is that show you a picture in which the interior of the new Honda Civic 2017 5-door is fully discovered. The truth, strange much that the outside has any detail covered by camouflage, and that in the cabin, Honda has not used even one bit.

Without a doubt, the interior is quickly recognizable. After a first glance conveys the feeling of the finishes and materials used by the firm will be of higher quality with respect to the current model. metal Details, three-spoke steering wheel softkey or the screen to make use of the system of information and entertainment will be some of its most important elements.

The new Honda Civic 2017, will be available in your market local (Europe) from next year. We know that will be produced in the factory that Honda is in Swindon (United Kingdom). how And when will we see the new Honda Civic Type-R? we Can wait at least a year after the arrival on the market of the new Civic to get to know the variant most prestacional and radical.