The new Honda Civic Type R has overtaken the Golf GTI Clubsport S at the Nürburgring

Honda Civic Type R récord en Nürburgring

The old Nürburgring and the records of lap time; the records of lap time, and the old Nürburgring. Much we’re talking lately of the Green Hell and the times made by the sporting goods of various brands. While some manufacturers of supercars such as Porsche have decided to move on from this marketing, the war of the compact sport is more alive than ever.

And is that the Ring seems to have become a scenario of marketing for the brand instead of being a circuit where testing the virtues and defects of their cars, being able to extract a lot of data and conclusions to make the set end-point of the vehicle. Nüburgring is a very complete circuit, with gradients, curves of all kinds, a straight overly long, superelevations, and even some that another jump if the speed is high; but maybe all of this is getting out of hand.

Though the manufacturers are losing the head, or not, by getting to be the most fast in this difficult track in German; we cannot deny that we like this challenge. In addition to help to the setup of the car, the Ring serves for brands to try to show us that his car is faster than that of the competition. In the segment compact sport with front-wheel drive now takes the baton of the Honda Civic Type R, as we can see in these videos that accompany the article.

The record was until now in the power of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S (7 minutes 47,19 seconds), but the past day on 3 April, the japanese manufacturer was testing at the Nürburgring. The Honda Civic Type R managed to stop the clock in just , 7 minutes and 43,8 seconds, a fact that surprises many because not many years ago that down of 8 minutes on the Nürburgring with a front-wheel-drive fully serial seemed impossible.

we Recall that the new Honda Civic Type R receives in its aperture motor a propellant 2.0 VTEC turbo that eroga 320 HP and 400 Nm. As we said, your energy is sent to the front axle, while the gearbox is six-speed manual. What a want to know background!!!

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