The new Honda engine, what a coin into the air?


The Formula 1, 2017, involves taking many risks in terms of the aerodynamics and chassis, but McLaren will have even more things to think about, because Honda decided to completely revolutionize the concept of the engine that had been undertaken up to now and, in 2017, will feature a powertrain that is entirely new.

This implies that the levels of reliability become to be a challenge for Honda, in addition to the logical pursuit of the pure performance of the propeller. As well recognized Yusuke Hasegawa, head of Honda, which says that “the concept is completely different, it is a great risk, there are many things that we don’t know about it. We know that you will give us a performance advantage, but the greater risk is if we can get that potential this year”, said in a statement to Autosport.

“we Still have to do some test and there will be successes and mistakes

Hasegawa insists in the speech made during the past few months: working on getting more power through the combustion engine, although that would imply subsequent changes in other areas. “we Need to focus on the ICE (internal combustion engine) this year. If we improve the engine, which means an increase of the power from the gas (MGU-K), we need also to improve the turbine or not we will be able to perform at the same level in terms of development”.

therefore, Hasegawa warns: may cause breakage, unexpected this season, as some of the new features can only be validated through the system of success/error. “we Still have to do some test and there will be successes and failures. I hope you have understood the direction to take and the elements on which to focus. But it is not easy to combine the elements to make such improvements entirely on the ICE”. ‘Patience’ seems to be the word that best defines the situation of Honda in the Formula 1.