The new Hyundai HB20S is presented in Brazil

After the presentation of the new ranges HB20 and HB20X, Hyundai Brazil, have introduced the update of the sedan body. Is an option of high demand, which combines a correct habitability interior and a huge trunk.

Hyundai-HB20S11Con the arrival of the HB20S the signature south Korean da by completed the renewal of the family, “HB”. The sedan has received the same changes as the rest in the front, adding a new bumper, headlights with daytime running lights integrated and a grille more elegant.

behind what is most innovative is in the bumper, and the pilots, following the trend of style already seen in other models of the firm. Seen from behind seems a i40 to scale, something that should make you win many integers to achieve a greater visual impact and greater packaging.

Hyundai-HB20S15In the interior maintains the changes already seen in the other two alternatives, where lor most importantly, the arrival of a system of info-entertainment with screen seven-inch touch and many functions such as CarLink (function mirror to show applications of the mobile on the screen). Both the flywheel and the instrumentation have also been the subject of review together with the upholstery and trim.

Among the items of equipment that can have the HB20S mention the automatic climate control, four electric windows, sensors for parking, automatic ignition of lights, ABS, four airbags, EBD, ISOFIX, multifunction steering wheel lined in leather and fog lights.

Hyundai-HB20S7The offer mechanics is formed by a small motor with flexible a liter that develops up to 80 HP in combination with a five-speed manual transmission, and a 1.6 Flex with up to 128 CV that can be ordered with manual change or automatic, always with six speeds.

Hyundai Brazil improve the supply mechanics in a few months with the arrival of the new engines 1.0 TGDI that combine a level of performance high with consumption very tight. By now you don’t know the powers for this market, nor whether it will be adapted to use unleaded petrol and ethanol interchangeably.