The new Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 will debut in Geneva

Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 - teaser

Teaser of the new Hyundai i30 Cw. His debut will take place at the Geneva Auto show in march 2017.

The family of the new Hyundai i30 will receive very soon a new member (the second of the four components of this model range). This is the variant most familiar to you and practice that there shall be at the sale, the Hyundai i30 Cw 2017. To date, there have been various times that our photographers have managed to get the hang of it in full session of tests. Yes, completely camouflaged.

Now, taking into account that his debut is just around the corner, the Hyundai has been the one that has published a first official teaser by way of foretaste of what we will see in the Geneva motor show 2017 the next month of march. This event will be the “global showcase” that will use the brand to let the world know about the new i30 Cw.

will Combine the versatility in your body style with a timeless design and a certain air of elegance. The majority of differences with respect to the Hyundai i30 5-door will reside at the back because the front hardly there will be a model that is already on sale at dealerships Spanish. Yes, with respect to the i30 Cw “outgoing” you will find all the news aesthetic already introduced by the base model. From the grill in cascade until the dynamic proportions and the narrow roof line. The chrome accents add a plus of exclusivity.

Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 - foto espía

Photo spy of the Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 during a testing session. Photo: Automedia.

behind it will acquire a greater volume, which will result in a boot more generous, and a rear seat more comfortable for the passengers of large stature. The rear window will be rather more inclined and small, an element common and typical of this type of bodywork and family models.

At the mechanistic level there will be no surprises, since have the same range of engines used by the Hyundai i30 2017. That is to say, we have among other options, a diesel engine 1.6-litre Turbo, 110 BHP) or a block of gasoline 1.0-litre T-GDi 120 HP respectively. Depending on the engine set up may be associated with both a gearbox six-speed manual and an automatic DCT7 dual-clutch.

And the same thing will happen with the technological equipment safety, entertainment and comfort. The new central touch screen of eight inches will give access to the latest generation of the infotainment system of Hyundai in order to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The connectivity will be a very important factor as to what is quoted above we have to add the USB connection and Bluetooth.

Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 - foto espía posterior

The major design changes that it will introduce the Hyundai i30 Cw 2017 will concentrate on his behind. Photo: Automedia.

After the launch of the new Hyundai i30 Cw 2017, something that will occur after its implementation over
in Geneva next march, the south Korean manufacturer will begin to
working in the third family member i30, the expected Hyundai i30 N, a
version of sporty character.