The new Hyundai i30 Fastback in more detail

The Hyundai i30 Fastback is the new proposal of the signature south Korean for the segment of the sedans compact, a model that comes with a previously unreleased format body for the i30, which adds great versatility and a greater interior space.

mid-year signing south Korean-us surprised with this new variant of the automobile i30, a new and original proposal, which comes to enrich the range of the successful model from Hyundai, with a version more practical and spacious.

Hyundai i30 Fastback, an unpublished body of five charms, although with the format of a saloon compact coupe styling, which is 30 mm lower and 11.5 inches longer than a Hyundai i30 five-door. Its bodywork was extended to reach the 4,46 meters in length, adding at the same time a greater practicality, thanks to the opening of your trunk, that includes a huge gate post.

With respect to its outward appearance, in addition to the obvious changes in the rear, the new i30 Fastback received in addition to some subtle improvements on the front, which introduces a new grille, as well as a bumper new format, with some air inlets larger and a different format for the LED daytime running lights.

By the time the manufacturer has not detailed what their capabilities, although its greater length and the system of opening the tailgate invite us to think that we are in front of a car that has been made in terms of livability compared to the model of five doors that we knew about up to now.

If we talk about mechanics, the supply of engines initial included in gasoline to the TGDI versions of 1.0 liter with 120 HP or 1.4-liter that develops 140 HP of power, which may be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or auto DCT seven relations with a double clutch.

With respect to the provision of the new Hyundai i30 Fastback shall include a system of information and entertainment with touch screen of eight inches, integrated navigation, climatizador dual-zone auto, keyless access, start button, steering wheel and knob shift leather wrapped, four electric windows, sun roof sliding, cruise control, adaptive, detection of objects in a dead angle, alert of involuntary change of lane, etc