The new Hyundai i30 Fastback officially presented


The new Hyundai i30 fastback is already official.

The european division of the Korean company has unveiled this morning at an event specially organized in Düsseldorf, Germany, the two new variants of the range i30, the new i30 Fastback and the spectacular i30N. At the time of this article, the signature was still showing both models, so that throughout the day I will expand the information of both.

Although we had hoped for days of the filing of these new and highly anticipated versions of the i30, the brand has decided to make its international debut in a format that is very unusual, by using a Live Blog, through which it has been refreshing information and adding the first official images from time to time. So unlike the usual streaming format, the information has come somewhat fragmented.

Even so, relying on the information that was emerging in the social networks, we have been able to discover the new models of the compact range of Hyundai, which to the naked eye and at least on the aesthetic plane, do not disappoint at all.


New Hyundai i30 Fastback.

The new i30 Fastback is the new variant of the bodywork of 5 doors, which adds to the body hatchback and family Cw. This acquired a short but very cleverly integrated aesthetically third volume. At a glance, this sedan does not seem to have a great tailgate, because the lines of the door blend in with the rear window, so it is the own gate is very well integrated in the behind.

as described by the brand itself, the new i30 Fastback has a silhouette very smooth and a line that brings a certain air coupe, instead of showing a picture of a sedan traditional. The features aesthetic behind accentuate this feeling, with the top line by drawing a steep curve, which gives a certain aspect of rear spoiler.

In terms of the front, although we found a design very similar to that of the range i30 current, what is certain is that the Korean company has wanted to distinguish it from the rest of the variants of body and has implemented a few slight aesthetic touches, very subtle, but they are there. Although grill and optical are shown with the same forms, in the lower area of the bumper, find a new reading of the lower area of the bumper, but that only affects the lower area of the grill, of rest, even the optical auxiliary display identical.