The new Hyundai i30 Fastback to detail during your trip to the Nürburgring


The new i30 Fastback has already stepped on the Nürburgring.

With reason 24 Hours Nürburgring, Hyundai has been filed in the circuit German some of their new models, among which we find the future i30N hatchback, the crossover-Kona and also the new bodywork of the range i30 sedan type-2 volumes and a half or fastback.

This third variant of bodywork of the range coupled with the compact 5-door and the family i30 Cw, and we hope it will be presented in the next Frankfurt Auto show, which is held in September of this same year.

The presence in the Ring of this model allowed the photographers approach as never before to the prototypes camouflaged, so that not only can we see images of the static models, but we find planes really close, that we show great amount of detail of the prototypes.


Heavily camouflaged, but ready to be presented.

Hyundai is not the wanted to play and the units that took to the Nürburgring had a high dose of camouflage, both of the usual vinyl as the tarps that hide the volumes and actual details of the prototype. Even so, in the planes closest we can appreciate as these are already in the final stages of its development.

The i30 fastback left to view small snippets after his camouflage make us believe that the model is already ready. Both the optical front as rear are shown final, and although the interior had numerous tarps covering all of its surfaces, by the words of the photographer appeared to be the dashboard definitive with all its elements, although in the photograph, that you can find in the gallery is not noticeable by the darkness of the cabin.

The new i30 fastback will have the same range mechanics to its brothers in the range, although by the last words of the responsible of Hyundai N, Albert Biermann, can we expect a version N with this body of the i30, because they alleged that after the i30 N hatchback the mark will prepare a new model fastback, which at the moment we think this may be the new generation of the Veloster, though everything is possible.