The new Hyundai Verna is left to see in the Chengdu Auto Show in China

Hyundai VernaChina is the one country in the world that sell more new vehicles per year. The high number of sales makes all of the brands want to have appropriate products to the needs of chinese customers, and one of them is Hyundai. The Hyundai Verna is a sedan small designed by the brand for the major emerging markets of the world. This model is also exported to other emerging markets, such as India or Russia.

Hyundai, taking advantage of the Chengdu Auto Show of China, has unveiled the new Verna. This little vehicle looks like a version shrunk to the recently released Elantra. The traits that best defined the headlights are the front daytime running lights with technology Led that have a larger size. A front grille with the traditional way hex signature cover with chrome elements.

Hyundai VernaHyundai manufactures the Verna in several countries, including the India, Russia and the chinese giant. Initially, the new Verna will be launched on the market in China. To cater to the chinese market, the manufacturing will take place next to Beijing thanks to the joint venture with Hyundai. The expected date of arrival in China is situated in the month of October and in the rest of markets, it is estimated that it will arrive in the first month next year 2017.

The main competitors that you will have to fight the Hyundai Verna in the markets that will be present will be the Honda City, Changan EADO, Volkswagen Jetta (previous versions) and the Kia K2. This model will hit the market with a price range situated between the 11.000 and 16,000 euros. Its range mechanics will be composed initially by two engines of gas. Both engines turn to blocks with four-cylinder and air intake. The first of them is a 1.4 that yields a power of 100 hp, and the second is a 1.6-liter that delivers a power of 123 hp.

Initially is not intended that Hyundai released this model in the market european although qualities and attractive is not short to give war to the Dacia Logan and company.

Source – Hyundai