The new Jeep Compass 2017 it’s official: this is the crossover with off-road skills

Jeep Compass 2017

The new Jeep Compass 2017 makes its world debut.

If on the morning of the day of yesterday we did echo of a leak of the new Jeep Compass 2017, this morning, and taking advantage of the start of production of the Jeep in the factory that FCA Automobiles is in the town of Goiana, in Pernambuco (Brazil), has made its first world debut for the new Jeep Compass 2017. The new Jeep crossover with off-road skills will be shown to us in an official way and with a design that called much our attention.

The new Jeep Compass is introduced as a vehicle of global character that will be marketed in more than 100 countries around the world. And proof of this is that your presentation will take place at the motor show in Los Angeles in 2016 in the month of November, while his debut in the asian giant, China, will be at the motor show of Guangzhou in 2016.

His design, not kept secret to us due to the various leaks that have taken place in the last days. However, and now that we can see him live, we can say that we are before a purely design Jeep that conveys the emotions of being in front of a vehicle that offers us the freedom to tackle any kind of road. On the outside, the combines in a harmonious way, numerous changes of volume. wheel arches denote aires countryside while the lower guard and the defenses in black color that runs around the exterior, invite you to make a path in the countryside or mountain.

Jeep Compass 2017 - posterior

The new Jeep crossover is already prepared for his debut in Los Angeles (USA) and Guangzhou (China).

┬┐And what’s inside? If we take a look at the only picture of the cabin which has posted Jeep the new Compass, we have a minimalist design and elegant, in which everything revolves around the new central console in which the huge touch screen will be the centre. Next to it we have a few air vents vertical while that in the lower zone, the circular grips invite us to remember the range 500 of Fiat.

on the other hand, and from what we can see, in the panel instrumentation there are two dials separated by a screen on which to display useful information for driving and the driver himself. All these elements are combined with a upholstery and finishes of first quality.

In regards to the ( mechanical, currently, there is not official information, though from the Jeep we confirm that there will be 17 options, all of them of low power consumption and that will also provide exceptional driving dynamics on the road, always with the possibility of enjoying the outdoors thanks to their off-road skills and the amount of options of security and technology. In any case, in the european market we will find petrol engines as diesel.

Jeep Compass 2017 - interior

In the interior revolves around the new central console, with the impressive touch screen.

Jeep us appointment for the event, automotive-Los Angeles to meet the rest of the details, pictures, and videos of your new crossover. We will be attentive by if it leaks information prior to, or our photographers get to hunt any unit in testing.

When will be available in dealerships the new Jeep crossover? In the first place it will be sold in north America from the first quarter of next year, while , in Europe, the Middle East and Africa we will have to wait until the second semester 2017. It will be manufactured in Brazil, Mexico and China.