The new Jeep Wagoneer could arrive a little later to the market

Jeep Wagoneer origin

The group italo-americáno Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) is in a sweet moment on one side and bitter on the other. After the acquisition of Chrysler LLC have had to restructure all the group’s brands as well as to make large investments to re-launch other (see Alfa Romeo). All this activity has made it so that their accounts look very depleted and in these moments is one of the sector groups that higher debt has.

The sweet moment comes from the hand of Maserati and Alfa Romeo. The house of the “Trident” is working really well and although your goal is not in the volume of sales is getting to attract new buyers willing to have a vehicle of the firm. Alfa Romeo is starting to take off, and based on what offers the Giulia is more than likely to re-locate in the place that corresponds to him by history and positioning. The third brand of the group that is also giving very good news is the Jeep, although in your case it seems that your expansion is going to be located in a second plane.

Jeep is the only brand of the group that is growing in all markets in which it is present well above what had been foreseen by the managers of the brand. This has been possible thanks to the launch of new models like the Renegade and the refreshment of others, such as the Cherokee. However the brand has yet to grow in the range so that its positioning in the market is as broad as possible.

Jeep Wagoneer

One of the models that best poise you would in the united States and other markets such as china and the middle east would be the new Wagoneer. This great SUV 7-seater will be situated above the current Grand Cherokee and to this end, his development will be carried out from the new platform monohull that will premiere the next generation of it. The Wagoneer will have the same base but with a wheelbase wider to accommodate the two additional seats.

despite its size, thanks to the aluminum that will use the new platform, the weight reduction will be palpable and therefore the fuel consumption will decrease dramatically. However, it seems that the market launch could be delayed a little more. Initially his arrival at the dealers was scheduled for the year 2018 and then was delayed a year by 2019, but right now there is not a specific date.

According to Autoline Daily there may be two reasons that would have delayed its release. The first and most pressing is the imbalance that they have the accounts of the group. Currently owe more money than they have available and that makes his fund of maneuver is very limited and therefore its developments and releases are measured at milimetro so as not to compromise money on expenses supérfluos. The second reason would come from the hand of the plant is fabricaria the model because their production would have to completely restructure their production lines and to do that requires a strong amount of money.

Be that as it may, we hope that the new Wagoneer will soon be on the market to help FCA to grow.

Source – Autoline Daily