The new Kia GT, 2018 and loses camouflage and reveals part of your front

Kia GT 2018 - foto espía

The new Kia GT, 2018 and loses camouflage and reveal details of the front.

while it is not the first time that we hunt the Kia GT 2018 test for Europe, in these new spy photos that we show you of the long awaited sports sedan from Kia, there are interesting details. And is that, as we say in the holder, one of the test units photographed has lost some of camouflage, and are revealed and new details of the design that will be the production model.

The two units hunted with the goal of our photographers have camouflages different. And one of them, which is making the evidence of drag with the trailer, you lose some of the camouflage in the front area, something that allows us to catch a glimpse of some of the characteristic elements of the look of the new Kia GT. In particular, we can admire the ways that will have the bumper with different air intakes as well as the design of the front lights.

In short, a very modern design with a feature roof line and forms that will combine equal parts distinction and sportsmanship. Recall that the design of the new GT Kia will be influenced by several prototypes that the brand introduced a few years ago. For a part we have to own Kia GT Concept (which we anticipate the production model) while on the other, is the Kia GT4 Stinger Concept.

Kia GT 2018 - foto espía

In the rear of the Kia GT the spoiler and the four exhaust outlets focus our attention.

it Is too early to enter into details on the section mechanic, although it is important to remember some of the details that we have been discussing in the last few weeks. Serial Kia GT 2018 it will be offered in the setting of rear wheel drive, although the range there will also be a possibility to opt for all-wheel drive. In the motors that will make up the range, there will be blocks that you will also find models of Genesis.

One of the options that are shuffled with a lot of force is a engine V6 Twin-Turbo 3.3-liter which will be about 365 HP. Yes, we have information that considered the possibility of getting to see engines that reach up to 400 HP.

As well we have been talking about these past few months, the new Kia GT will be available at dealerships at the beginning of the year 2018. Yes, your presentation could take place at some point in the next year. If you do not change things, its price will be about 35,000 euros on average.